Routine Coordinators

Routines for Master Thesis Coordinator:

  • Check and update all other routines and align them with EES
  • Check progress of all students in the EE system
  • Remind collegues to check and add project proposal
  • Perhaps offer hand on tutorials to write project proposals
  • Actively try to recruit students and remind collegues to do so

Routines for Coordinator Assistant:

  • Make a prelimanary schedule for thesis presentation dates for each semester (usually once a month, two hours for three presentations)
  • Book a room for the scheduled dates
  • Update the schedule and time table in this course page
  • Before the presentations: add the thesis announcement in the EE calender (in polopoly). Then, announce the presentations one week before their scheduled date to the following mailing list:;;; 
  • At the presentation: attend the presentations and coordinate the session
  • After the presentation: when the examiner approves the final report and grades the thesis, he/she should send it to the coordinator assistant to be uploaded to DiVA publication database.
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