Renewable polymers and Green Materials

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Polymers derived from renewable resources and green materials are discussed from a scientific and commercial perspective, covering the entire span from established knowledge to future developments. The course curriculum includes (i) structures and typical property profiles of common renewable polymeric materials, (ii) effect of structural variations on the performance of the materials, (iii) a research and industry-oriented overview of some commercial applications in different stages of maturity, such as textiles, packaging, biocomposites, and nanocellulose, (iv) issues related to degradation and composting, and (v) a critical discussion of the commercial potential and cost-effectiveness of green materials applications.

This course is on the Third cycle education level.

This course uses Canvas as the e-learning platform. When registered for the course, you will get an invitation to the course room. 

For more info: please do not hesitate to contact Ulrica Edlund at

This course will be given in May-June 2021. The course will use Canvas as the e-learning platform. The canvas page will automatically be open to students upon registration.


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