Nuclear Power Safety

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Nuclear Power Safety (NPS) is paramount to both economic performance and public acceptance of nuclear power. The ultimate mission of NPS is to ensure that release of radioactive materials from nuclear power plants and its effect on plant personnel, public health and environment is as low as reasonably achievable. Technical contents of NPS address both the Probability and Consequences of such radioactive releases from a nuclear power plant under normal, abnormal and accident conditions. The NPS course aims to provide students with basics the need to be able to address questions: What are possible accidents? How do they occur? How often they occur? What are consequences?

After the course you shall possess a basic understanding of principles, issues and tools in nuclear power safety. Perform a scoping assessment of a perceived threat against a plant safety barrier using contemporary knowledge and methods in safety analysis.

OBS: The VT2020 offering will start from Wed 18 mar 13:00-15:00, with the same schedule as SH2612: See the whole schedule


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