REMINDER: IMPORTANT DEADLINE for NIOS II labs and home practicals.


From the fall 2015, IS1500/IS1200 will have new labs. The NIOS II labs will be replaced by new hardware. This means that if you have any labs or home practicals that you have not finished, you need to finish them at latest in September, 2015. If you do not finish all the old labs and home labs before this deadline, you will need to redo all the labs to pass the course. 

We have now opened the registration of the retake labs in September. Please go to Daisy to do the booking. The deadline for the registration is September 15.

NOTE: If there is no available time slots, please send an email to at latest September 15 and state that you want to report your lab. If you do that before September 15, we will make sure that you get a time slot. If you have not booked any timeslot before Sep 15 or sent us an email, you will need to do the new labs instead of the old labs.