Advanced Organic Chemistry

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Advanced course (7.5 credits) that builds on basic courses in organic chemistry (e.g., KTH courses Organic Chemistry 1 (KD1230) and Organic Chemistry 2 (KD1270), and is preparative for further studies in organic chemistry (e.g., KTH course Selective Organic Synthesis (KD2385, KD2390).

The course takes off from the basic courses in organic chemistry, and proceeds deeper into the mysteries of organic compounds and their reactions. In addition to providing a good understanding of how and why organic reactions happen, a range of new reaction types and concepts will be covered.

The course uses Canvas as a Learning Management System and in order to access Canvas you have to register for the course. If you study the course for the first time, register on the web.

If you have read the course earlier and want to re-register on the course, please contact the courier expedition and they will assist you. Teachers CANNOT register students or give access to Canvas.

Course responsible, examiner:
Markus Kärkäs



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