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Om du inte hittar någon sida, schemahändelse eller nyhet på din kurswebb kan det bero på att du inte ser den kursomgången/gruppen inom kursen som innehållet tillhör.

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Din kurswebb är sidorna för en kurs du prenumererar på. Du väljer sedan vilka omgångar/grupper inom kursen du vill ha information från. Är du registrerad på en kursomgång sköts prenumeration och val av kursomgäng automatiskt åt dig. Vill du ändra något av detta gör du det under Mina inställningar.

När du är inloggad på din kurswebb ser du:
  • Kursöversikt, nyheter och schema med information som är filtrerat utifrån dina valda omgångar/grupper inom kursen
  • Allmänna sidor för hela kursen
  • Kurswikin som är sidor som alla, lärare och studenter, kan skapa och redigera
  • Sidor som hör till de omgångar/grupper inom kursen du valt eller som valts för dig

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Welcome to LH231V!

The aim of the course is to give you the opportunity to develop your professional role as a teacher in higher education, which includes a scholarly and collegial approach to teaching and learning.

During the course you will belong to a learning team. You are supposed to have meetings, and also work on a team assignment between the course meetings. In order to pass the course you must follow and participate in the teamwork during one course offering/semester.

7.5 hp corresponds to a total workload of approximately 200 hours.

The course is tailored for teachers at KTH. It is included in course offerings that meet KTH's requirement of 15 credits in academic teaching for employment or promotion to a teaching position.

The course is foremost for KTH teachers. Doctoral students may attend provided there are places available and that the course FLH3000 is completed. No seats available for PhD Students or external teachers 2020.

Schedule LH231V, Autumn semester 2020. FULLY BOOKED.

Date Time Information
2 September 09.00-15.00 Class meeting 1 online, compulsory
9 September 09.00-15.00 Class meeting 2 online
16 September 10.00-12.00 Team meeting
23 September 09.00-15.00 Class meeting 3 online
30 September 09.00-15.00 Class meeting 4 online
7 October 10.00-12.00 Team meeting
14 October 09.00-15.00 Class meeting 5 online
21 October 10.00-12.00 Team meeting
4 November 09.00-15.00 Class meeting 6 online
11 November 10.00-12.00 Team meeting
18 November 09.00-12.00 Class meeting 7 online, compulsory
25 November 09.00-12.00 Class meeting 8 online, compulsory
2 December 10.00-12.00 Team meeting
9 December 9.00-12.00 Class meeting 9 online, compulsory
8 January Online Deadline for individual assignment


Date Time Information
27 January 9.00-15.00 Class meeting 1, compulsory
3 February 9.00-15.00 Class meeting 2
17 February 9.00-15.00 Class meeting 3
24 February 9.00-15.00 Class meeting 4
17 March 9.00-15.00 Class meeting 5
24 March 9.00-15.00 Class meeting 6
14 April 9.00-12.00 Class meeting 7, compulsory
21 April 9.00-12.00 Class meeting 8, compulsory
26 May 9.00-12.00 Class meeting 9, compulsory
9 June Online Deadline for individual assignment

Please note that the first meeting is compulsory.

Free of charge for KTH Employees.
Course fee for external participants, 24 375 SEK/person.

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