Functional Materials

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Welcome to Functional Materials MH2300 course!

Aim of the course is to gain deep knowledge about materials which are not primarily used for their mechanical properties, but for other properties such as physical and chemical. To know what "functions" can be built into the materials and how to maximise their performance.

Specific properties of functional materials are covered, which are used in high-tech applications. The course includes:

  • Intermetallic materials including
    • superalloys
    • shape memory alloys
    • coating materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Advanced ceramics, including
    • ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials
    • insulating materials
    • thermal barrier coatings
  • Magnetic materials
  • Electronic materials, including
    • elemental and compound semiconductors
    • conductive polymers
    • ionic conductors
  • Catalytic materials


Basic knowledge in materials science corresponding to the course MH1024 Fundamentals of Materials Science - Metallic Materials.


The course is given in English.

Detailed information is provided in Canvas.

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