Some final messages:

1. Please fill out a course evaluation. This is important for the teachers such that we know how to improve the course. This year, we had quite a few students who dropped out after the first lecture. If you decided to drop out of the course you are still welcome to fill out the evaluation and specify the reason.

Based on my view on the course, we intend to do the following changes for next year:

  • More written self-contained material for Block 1 and at the end of Block 2
  • Make wiki-questions not a strict requirement for all HW, but only for bonus.
  • Integrate video material more into the course

2. The selected exercises have now been finalized and together with the Old exams, should be a solid basis as exam preparation. The selected exercises and together with solutions are now available as a single PDF-file. The other exercises on the wiki may also valuable in the preparation for the exam, although some problems lack solutions and not all solutions are complete. I have enjoyed teaching the course. I am in general quite happy with the level of understanding I have seen so far; also in comparison to the corresponding course at other universities. Let's hope we will see the same thing on the exam. Please study hard for the exam.