Condensed Matter Theory

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The course is aimed at giving introduction to basic as well as some of the  modern problems and methods of Condensed Matter theory. Because the field is the largest part of modern physics, we could not cover everything. Rather the course will have several parts that cover crucial topics that a researcher working in model physics needs to understand. We will use several books to cover different parts.

You will be able to apply the following methods for studies of many-body systems:


  • electrons in periodic potential. Tight binding and hopping Hamiltonians. (knowledge of Bloch electrons is a pre-requisite but if you did not have it in your previous courses that is not a problem. I will distribute lecture notes from which you can very quickly learn it.
  • Interacting many-boson and many-fermion systems
  • Superfluidity. Coherent states.
  • Superconductivity
  • Symmetry-based analysis of collective phenomena

Course books 

Many-Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics: An IntroductionBy Henrik Bruus, Karsten Flensberg

Modern Condensed Matter PhysicsSteven M. Girvin, Kun YangCambridge University Press, 

Optional supplementary reading: " Superfluid States of Matter" by B. Svistunov, E. Babaev, N. Prokof'ev (electronic copy can be found online)


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