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Environmental Physics

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This e-course covers the physics of solar energy, the carbon cycle, carbon-based, nuclear, and renewable energy, the Green-house effect, and how mankind affects the environment. The emphasis is on understanding the relevant physical principles and the ability to apply them to solving simple practical problems. This course is based on courses given at KTH (F) Engineering Physics and at Stockholm University since the 90-ies. It is continuously upgraded with recent research from relevant fields.


The course follows the textbook "Environmental Physics, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change", by E. Boeker and R. van Grondelle, Wiley 2011 (3rd edition). The textbook is avalable as e-text (English) for free for enrolled students (via KTHBib). A brief compendium based on an earlier edition of the book and a set of practice problems with solutions are available within the on-line examination system as additional study material. The textbook, study materials and exams are in English; course administration, teacher communication - in English or Swedish.

Examination and grading

The contents and grading are subdivided into 3 Parts (TEN 1,2,3). Each Part gives 3hp and is examined via 3 tests. The entire course credit of 9hp consist of the sum of the points from the three Parts. All details are found in the on-line examination system after enrollment. Study and examination entirely online, no physical presence required at any time during the course.

Enrollment and registration

Course application is exclusively via www.antagning.se - no applications can be accepted by KTH directly. Those admitted by antagning.se (or placed in reserve) will be email-notified by KTH on how to self-register a study account and enroll in the course. More details here..


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