Quantum Materials

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Course Content/Format

Dear participating students of SK2904 "Quantum Materials". The course is given in a mixed format where I will first give a set of general introductory lectures on quantum materials as well as advanced experimental techniques that are utilized to study such materials. There are then a set of topics (see list below) where each student will select one topic to focus on and prepare a presentation about. 

  • Topological Insulators vs. Weyl semimetals
  • Two-Dimensional Materials
  • Skyrmions
  • Quantum Magnets
  • Nanostructured semiconductors
  • NV Centers in Diamond
  • Ferroelectrics & Multiferroics
  • High-Temperature Superconductors
  • Heavy Fermions
  • Manganite and Colossal Magnetoresistance
  • Ultra-Cold Atoms

More information will soon follow here on the course web and in Canvas. For those of you that wish to participate but have not yet registered please do so + send me an e-mail (Martin Månsson, condmat@kth.se) so that I know how to contact you and give you further information.

Kind Regards


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