The workshop will take place at Djurönäset Conference Hotel, located in Stockholm's archipelago. The place is surrounded by nature and provides a calm atmosphere reasonable reachable from Stockholm.

Getting there

At 9:45 on January 20th a bus will depart from the KTH main entrance, taking participants directly to the venue in 45 minutes. The trip will presumably be accompanied by activities and snacks. For those that wish to drive themselves, we direct you to GOOGLE MAPS.


PhD students will be suitably housed in shared rooms and all senior staff in single rooms, all provided by KTH. There will be a common room for participants to gather in and likewise is and and refreshments included. The venue offers leisure activities, indoor swimming, saunas, and ice swimming if there is sufficient interest. An outdoor activity of 1.5h is planned, so bring clothes!

For more information, we refer to the website of Djurönäset.

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