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Entry requirements for Engineering Mechanics

To be eligible for the master's programme in Engineering Mechanics, you must meet the listed admission requirements and submit the documents required in your application. We will assess your application according to the selection criteria set for the programme. The same process applies to students with a bachelor's degree from a Swedish university.

Admission requirements

Bachelor's degree

Academic qualifications from an internationally recognised university equivalent to a Swedish bachelor's degree.

Students in their final year of bachelor's studies can meet the requirement it they follow the instructions from University Admissions . Final-year students at Swedish universities must have completed 150 ECTS credits in their programme by 3 February.

English proficiency

English proficiency equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary course English 6.

You can meet the requirement with an English test, for example an overall IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL score of 90. Depending on your country of previuous studies you could also meet the requirement through completed upper secondary or university studies. Visit University Admissions  to see all recognised English tests and what applies to your country of previous studies.

​Specific requirements for Engineering Mechanics

A Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, corresponding to 180 ECTS credits, with courses in

  • Mathematics and Programming, equivalent to approximately 25 ECTS credits in total, which must include a course or course module in

1. partial differential equations.

  • Applied mechanics, equivalent to approximately 20 ECTS credits in total, which must include courses or course modules in

2. solid mechanics
3. fluid mechanics
4. sound & vibration or dynamics

Application documents

You need to submit all of the following documents according to the instructions from University Admissions .

The document information is currently being updated for all programmes. Updates completed by 20 June.

Specific documents for Engineering Mechanics

5. Summary sheet

Submit the summary sheet for Engineering Mechanics.  If you do not submit a complete summary sheet, it will negatively affect your evaluation score. Fill out all of the required information before submitting the form. The summary sheet is the only specific document required for Engineering Mechanics. For questions regarding the summary sheet, please contact the programme coordinator  directly.

Selection criteria

The selection process is based on the following criteria: Study results (grades, relevant subjects and English) motivation for studies (motivation letter) and prior education. Prior education is evaluated based on the quality and suitability of the subjects that are relevant for the programme applied to. The merit rating is carried out on a scale of 1-75.

Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate for the master's programme in Engineering Mechanics for 2024 was 30 %. We admitted 75 students out of the 249 applicants that met the admission requirements. To increase your chances of getting admitted to KTH, we advise you to select more than one programme when applying. You can apply for up to four programmes and rank them in your order of preference.

Recognition of prior learning

Suppose you entirely or partially lack a formal requirement for a course or programme, but you believe you have the necessary knowledge to meet the requirement. In that case, you can apply for recognition of prior learning .