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KTH Innovation Fashiontech Expo

3D print a unique lipstick with Ellure, see how Renewcell makes it possible to recycle your clothes, and see how you can rent your new wardrobe from Hack Your Closet. You will also see some of the latest research from KTH with potential to transform the fashion industry.

6 April, 10:00-17:00 at Teknikringen 1!


A drop of water rolls down a green jacket


Dimpora is a chemical company which develops sustainable and non-harmful functional membranes, mostly aimed at the production of outdoor gear.

Their non-toxic, mineral-based and fluorine-free alternative protects outdoor wear from rain and harsh weather conditions. This biodegradable solution can be added to any type of garment in a micro-thin membrane that shields against the elements in a sustainable way. In 2019, Dimpora was named one of the winners of the Global Change Award. 

Several pink lipsticks lying on a white background


Ellure is the startup that lets you print a lipstick in your perfect color in less than a minute. No overproduction, no waste. 

Ellure was founded by a team of KTH students with support from KTH Innovation. 

Arm holding three large balloons in white and pink. Global Change Award in blue text on top.

Global Change Award Winners 2022

Be the first to see the 2022 winners of H&M Foundation's Global Change Award! Global Change Award is the world's largest initiative to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable fashion future. KTH is a partner in the initiative since the start i 2015.

See which five new innovations will share 1 million Euro and earn a place in the innovation accelerator, where they will be supported by KTH Innovation, H&M Foundation, Accenture and Mills Fabrica.

Ett par ben som står på en fotscanner
Picture by Volumental


Volumental helps you find perfectly fitting footwear using a combination of 3D foot scans, retail purchase data and AI. Their solution helps reduce returns by 18%. Today, they have scanned over 24 million feet. 

Volumental was founded by researchers at KTH with support from KTH Innovation. 

Closeup of blue dress on a hanger.
Picture by Renewcell


Renewcell is one of the only companies in the world that can upcycle cellulosic textile waste, such as cotton clothes. Fast Company named Renewcell one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies 2021. Circulose® was also included on TIME Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Inventions 2020. By 2030, the aim is to recycle the equivalent of 1.4 billion t-shirts each year.

Renewcell was founded by researchers at KTH with support from KTH Innovation.

A box of folded clothes

Hack Your Closet

Hack Your Closet is your best friend who lets you borrow their clothes - from a wardrobe with over 50,000 garments. With their subscription service, you get a new selection of clothes every month - without having to buy anything new.

The company was founded by KTH alumnus Mikaela Larsell Ayesa. As a student, Mikaela developed the company Axxma with support from KTH Innovation.

Hands in blue plastic gloves hold up a beaker. People in lab environment look on.
Picture by H&M Foundation

The latest research from KTH

See the latest research from KTH that can contribute to a more sustainable fashion future. 

Are you a researcher at KTH who want to be part of the exhibition? Send us an email on !

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