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Fashion show and Fireside Chat

Light fabrics made from orange peel or recycled clothes, luxurious bags made from leftovers from wine production, or make-up tailored exactly to your taste.
See fashion in new ways and listen to our experts discuss the future of the fashion industry.

Woman in blue dress walking in front of brick archways

See fashion in a new way


This event is sold out, but drop-ins are welcome! 

Only around 1% of all clothes manufactured today are recycled, but the dress in the picture is one of the few exceptions. It was made from clothes that with a chemical and mechanical process were broken down and woven into new fabric. The launch of H&M Concious Exclusive 2020 was a milestone for the KTH-based company Renewcell.

See the blue dress and other garments that change the way we manufacture, recycle and buy clothes and make-up, and listen to a conversation about the future of the fashion industry.

When and where

6 April, 12.00-13.00 at Arenan, Teknikringen 1.

The Panel

Portrait Johanna Leymann

Johanna Leymann

Johanna Leymann is a speaker, author and independent opinion-maker in sustainable fashion, with over 15 years of experience. She runs a podcast on slow fashion, has written the book "Slow fashion - your guide to sustainable and smart fashion" and is available on instagram as Johanna has a background in the fair trade movement, and has run both her own jewelry brand and clothing store. She is co-founder of Klimatklubben and was named Sweden's second-hand profile in 2019.

Portrait Clara Brook

Clara Brook

Clara Brook joined H&M Foundation in 2017, where she is Strategy Lead within the Planet Positive pillar of H&M Foundation. She is responsible for one of the world’s largest innovation challenges, the Global Change Award. With an innovative mindset, Clara is always looking for game-changing scalable solutions that address the challenges the fashion industry is facing, to create a planet positive fashion future.

Portrait Mikael Lindström
Photo: Jon Lindhe

Mikael Lindström

Mikael Lindström is one of the researchers behind Renewcell's revolutionary textile recycling method. As a co-founder of the company, he initiated the work of taking the technology from the lab to the market. Today, he is professor at KTH and head of the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health.

Portrait of Lisa Ericsson

Lisa Ericsson - moderator

Lisa Ericsson has over 20 years’ of experience of working with innovation and entrepreneurship tied closely to the academic sphere. She has held a number of roles at KTH since 2002 and in 2006 she became CEO of KTH Holding AB. In 2007 she was also recruited as Head of KTH Innovation with the task of setting up the new department. Today, she holds both of these positions.

Picture credit

  • Johanna Leymann - by Linnéa Jonasson Bernholm 
  • Mikael Lindström - by Jon Lindhe
  • Header image & Lisa Ericsson - by Patrik Lundmark
  • Clara Brook - by H&M Foundation
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Last changed: Apr 04, 2022