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FFF Seminars

FFF Seminars - or Fancy Formal Friday Seminars - is a series of weekly seminars organized by the Interaction Design group in MID.

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Upcoming seminars:

  • 2023, March 10. Marie Kochsiek - "Let's build the feminist technologies we need!" [Link to abstract ]

Past seminars:

  • 2023, February 24. Kristina Höök - "Balancing Herding Cats with Creating Space for Creative Diversity".
  • 2022, December 9th. Kasper Hornbæk - "Implications for Theory". [Link to abstract ]
  • 2022, November 25th. Jeffrey Bardzell - "The Monster Was Me: How My Safe Voyeurism of AI Came To An End". [Link to abstract  and video ]
  • 2022, October 21st. Corinna Canali - "The Objectionable within the Objectionable: Normative Censorship of Gender and Sexual Expression in Online Content Moderation". [Link to abstract ]
  • 2022, October 14th. Caroline Claisse.
  • 2022, September 30th. Line Henriksen - "Monster Writing – vulnerability, writing and bodies of text". [Link to abstract  and video ]
  • 2022, September 9th. Danae Ioannou - "Negative Aesthetics, Grotesque Bodies and Disgusting Fashion in the 21st century" [link to abstract  and video ]
  • 2022, May 20th. Dag Svanæs - "Designing for Somaesthetic Reflection and Transformation" [link to abstract  and video ]
  • 2022, April 8th. Tor Alexander Bruce - "Standing Up To Trauma: Designing Future Mental Healthcare Interventions Incorporating Body, Movement And Environment" [link to abstract ]
  • 2022, April 8th. Alexandra To - "Uplifting Us: Design Opportunities in Centering Racialized Experiences in Games" [link to abstract ]
  • 2022, April 1st. Miriah Meyer - "Visualization Design as a Critical Lens on Data" [link to abstract ]
  • 2022, March 11th. Michael Muller - "How to Unknow the Uncertainties in Data Science" [link to abstract ]
  • 2022, March 4th. Chris Frauenberger [Link to video  and abstract ]
  • 2022, February 25th. Ron Wakkary [Link to video  and abstract ]
  • 2022, January 28th. Stacy Hsueh - "Designing for Epistemological Diversity"
  • 2021, December 1st. Deepika Yadav - "Supporting Ongoing Training of Community Health Workers through Mobile-based Solutions in India" [link to abstract ]
  • 2021, October 29th. Oscar Tomico - "A 1st Person Perspective on Futures Scouting through Making" [link to recording ]
  • 2021, September 24th. Rebecca Fiebrink - "How machine learning can support human creative practices"[link to abstract ]
  • 2021, August 20th. Peter Dalsgaard - "Creativity and the life of ideas in interaction design” [link to recording ]
  • 2021, June 4th. Tim Ingold - "Correspondences" [link to abstract  and recording ]
  • 2021, May 28th. Katherine Isbister - "Engineering Social Play: Technology for Being Together" [link to abstract ]
  • 2021, April 23rd. Sarah Fdili Alaoui - "Integrating technologies in Dance: methods, creations and critical reflections" [link to ​​​​​​​abstract ]
  • 2021, April 9th. Andrés Lucero - "Co-designed, Collocated and Playful Interactions" [link to abstract  and recording ]
  • 2021, March 19th. Claire Petitmengin - "Exploring the hidden side of lived experience through Micro-phenomenology" [link to abstract  and recording ]
  • 2021, March 12th. Susan Kozel - "Phenomenology as Practice: Variations, voices and practical implications for “doing” phenomenology" [link to abstract  and recording ]
  • 2021, February 26th. Sharifa Sultana - "Designing for Empowerment with Rural Women in Bangladesh" [link to abstract ​​​​​​​ and recording ]
  • 2021, February 19th. Angella Mackey - "Alternative Presents for Dynamic Fabric" [ link ]
  • 2021, February 12th. Bill Gaver - "Yo-Yo Machines" [link to recording ]
  • 2021, February 5th. Jeffrey Bardzell - "Chimeras of Boundless Glamour, Realities of Little Worth" [link to abstract  and recording ].
  • 2021, Januari 15th. Rob Comber - "The Things I do: Post-interaction and related things" [ link ]
  • 2020, December 4th. Elisa Giaccardi - "Autonomous technology and the paradox of human-centered design” [ link ]
  • 2020, November 27th. Dani Nikitenko - "Beside Blood – Cycle exploration"
  • 2020, November 19th. Janin Koch - "May AI? Design Ideation with Cooperative Contextual Bandits"
  • 2020, November 6th. Batya Friedman - "Value Sensitive Design: Designing with Moral and Technical Imaginations"