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Overview of Funding

SweGRIDS Phase 3

The current phase started in January 2018, and will run until the end of 2021. Its total funding is 228.6 million kronor. One third of this funding is from the Swedish Energy Agency, and the other thirds are from industry sponsors and the universities.

Besides 15 projects that have been approved for continuing from Phase 2, there were 20 new projects approved early in 2018. A few more are expected during the remainder of Phase 3.

SweGRIDS Phase 2

Phase 2 ran for 4 years: 2014 to 2017 inclusive. Its total funding was 204 million kronor.

There were 58 research projects active during Phase 2, each involving industrial and academic researchers working with a PhD student or PostDoc. Of these, 24 had started in Phase 1, and 15 have continued into Phase 3.

SweGRIDS Phase 1

Phase 1 ran for two years, from December 2011 to the end of 2013.

  •   2‐year grant of 22.5 MSEK (~2.6 M€) from the Swedish Energy Agency

  •   Cash contributions of 12.2 MSEK (~1.4 M€) from corporate partners, and 1.2 MSEK from universities.

  •   Additional 30 MSEK (~3.4 M€) inkind contribution from corporate and university partners.

The total of SweGRIDS funding for this initial 2‐year period was thus around 7.4 M€.

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Last changed: May 02, 2018