Overview of Funding

Current funding: SweGRIDS Phase 2

Phase 2 runs for 4 years, starting in 2014.  The approval of Phase 2 came in 2014: the  announcement can be seen on Energimyndigheten's website.  

The expected cost of Phase 2 is around 206 million kronor, of which about 40% is approved from Energimyndigheten, 50% is from partner companies in cash and inkind, and the remaining 10% is from KTH and Uppsala University. 

There are currently around 40 research projects in SweGRIDS, each involving industrial and academic researchers working with a PhD student or PostDoc.

Initial funding: SweGRIDS Phase 1

SweGRIDS Phase 1 ran for two years, from 2011 to 2013. 

  •   2‐year grant of 22.5 MSEK (~2.6 M€) from the Swedish Energy Agency

  •   Cash contributions of 12.2 MSEK (~1.4 M€) from corporate partners, and 1.2 MSEK from universities.

  •   Additional 30 MSEK (~3.4 M€) inkind contribution from corporate and university partners.

The total of SweGRIDS funding for this initial 2‐year period was thus around 7.4 M€.

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