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Principles for project funding

All PhD projects are sponsored by industrial partners with finances and/or inkind contribution: SweGRIDS makes additional funding available by national funding (Swedish Energy Agency) and further contributions from industrial partners. See Partners in the left menu for the partners.

Project selection is in two stages. A Steering Board consisting of members from the major stake‐holders discusses the proposal with regard to its alignment to SweGRIDS goals, suitability in view of other past and present projects in SweGRIDS, and the availability of the industry and state funding. A recommendation on each proposed project is then put to the rector of KTH to decide in conjunction with the rector of Uppsala University whether the project should receive funding as proposed.

Academics at KTH and UU can propose projects by using the appropriate template (see below) and emailing the proposal to the centre's management  team for consideration at the next meeting. This can be done as an unsolicited application or in response to a specific call. Unless instructed otherwise in a call, send applications to the deputy director for your university and the director.

Note that the industrial funding is necessary in any SweGRIDS project, and the project is expected to have substantial involvement from industry researchers and users of the work. It is therefore advised to have contact with likely industry partners in advance, in order to ensure there will be industry support.

The usual template for longer (PhD, postdoc) projects is template (docx 33 kB)  .

The template for short projects (in 2021) is template (short,2021) (docx 24 kB)

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Last changed: May 14, 2021