Courses, SCI/Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering

Course name Scope Course code
Aeroelasticity 6.0 hp F4E5929
Analysis of Advanved Composites Manufacturing 10.0 hp FSD3406
Analysis and Design of Sandwich Structures 10.0 hp FSD3405
Advanced Design of Welded Joints 6.0 hp FSD3400
Advanced Topics in Aircraft Aerodynamics 12.0 hp F4B5221
Computational Aeroacoustics 3.0 hp FSD3602
Computational Aeroacoustics Project 3.0 hp FSD3603
Buckling of Ship Structures 9.0 hp F4B5503
Design and Construction Tasks 6.0 hp FSD3401
High-speed Craft Structural Design 6.0 hp FSD3705
ECO2logy 6.0 hp FSD3900
Methods in Experimental Ships Hydrodynamics 7.5 hp F4B5502
Aerodynamics of Aircraft 9.0 hp F4B5200
Automotive Acoustics with Focus on Combustion Noise 5.0 hp FSD315V
Multi Degree of Freedom Vehicle Dynamics 6.0 hp F4B5400
Multi degree of Freedom Vehicle Dynamics 6.0 hp FSD3200
Vehicle dynamics, literature 9.0 hp F4B5401
Vehicle dynamics, literature course 6.0 hp FSD3201
Rail Vehicle Dynamics 12.0 hp F4B5300
Vehicle engineering, literature 6.0 hp F4B5402
Vehicle Engineering, Litterature Course 6.0 hp FSD3202
Vehicle Research Training 13.5 hp F4B5403
Vehicle Engineering Research Training 7.5 hp FSD3203
Wheel-rail Contact 9.0 hp F4B5307
Wheel-Rail Contact 6.0 hp FSD3310
Non-Linear Vibrations 7.5 hp F4B5113
Non-linear Vibrations 7.5 hp FSD3180
Integrated Transport System 5.0 hp FSD3901
Introduction to Aerospace Engineering 9.0 hp FSD3801
Rail Vehicles 9.0 hp F4B5302
Railway Systems and Rail Vehicles 9.0 hp F4B5303
Railway Technology, Literature Course I 6.0 hp F4B5304
Railway Technology, Literature Course II 9.0 hp F4B5306
Railway Technology, Literature Course III 3.0 hp F4B5309
Kalker´s Wheel-Rail Contact Methods 3.0 hp FSD3311
Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures 10.0 hp FSD3403
Literature Review 6.0 hp F4E5903
Literature review in Lightweight Structures 6.0 hp FSD3407
Advanced Topics in Naval Architecture 7.5 hp FSD3700
Material Acoustics I 7.5 hp FSD3100
Material Acoustics III 2.5 hp FSD3103
Multifunctional Materials and Structures 6.0 hp FSD3402
Sound and Vibration Measurements 7.5 hp F4B5112
Measurement and Analysis of Sound and Vibration 9.0 hp FSD3145
Num. Optimization: With Applications in Structural Mechani 9.0 hp F4E5914
Numerical Methods for Sound Propagation I 6.0 hp FSD3136
Numerical Methods for Sound Propagation II 4.0 hp FSD3137
Signal Analysis 5.0 hp FSD3140
Marine Hydrodynamics 15.0 hp F4B5500
Rail Vehicle Dynamics 7.5 hp F4B5313
Rail Vehicle Dynamics 7.5 hp FSD3313
Rail Vehicle Technology 7.5 hp FSD3307
Statistical Energy Analysis 6.0 hp F4B5109
Structure Borne Sound 7.5 hp FSD3110
Flow Acoustics I 6.0 hp FSD3120
Flow Acoustics II 9.0 hp FSD3121
Flow Acoustics III 3.0 hp FSD3122
Theoretical Acoustics I 9.0 hp FSD3130
Engineering Applications of Signal Analysis 7.5 hp FSD3141
Ultrasonics 7.5 hp F4B5114
Wind Tunnel Testing 6.0 hp F4E5928
Wave Loads and Dynamics of Ships 15.0 hp F4B5501