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Research programs

The Board  is responsible for overall strategy and to approve the budget on an annual basis. Consists of representatives of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the industrial partner and external experts. 

The Center Management consists of

  • Center Director  – Overall responsible for the development of WCPR. Responsible to prepare material for the board meetings.
  • Scientific Director  – Responsible for scientific strategy, scientific workshops and meetings and the organization of the SAB reviews.
  • Management Group  – Consists of all Principal Investigators. Are responsible for execution and delivery in their research programs. 

The Scientific Advisory Board  is an international group of experts that advices on strategy and evaluates performance. Reports to the board.

The Project committes are two separate committees (cell factories and secretome) with three representatives from the industrial partner and three from the management of the center in each committee. They are responsible for a detailed planning and priorities in the research programs.