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About the Seminar

The seminar aims at providing a theoretical and empirical discussion of security issues in the urban context, bringing to Stockholm internationally known researchers working in the field.

  • Security and contemporary social order
  • Urban environment and crime
  • Inequality, social cohesion and offending
  • Mobility and security
  • Urban security in cities of Global-South
  • Crime prevention and urban governance

The seminar is primarily for researchers in Sweden but open to practitioners and students. The audience should include a variety of profiles, with researchers (urban planners, geographers, criminologists, sociologists), police officers and practitioners working directly with security at municipal levels in Sweden.

The seminar is organised by the department of Urban Planning and Environment at KTH but is a joint initiative supported by departments of Architecture, Philosophy and the History of Science and Technology, Transport & Economics and Real Estate & Construction Management.

The seminar is free-of-charge but you have to make a registration on-line in this website.

The seminar will be in English.

For more information, contact Vania Ceccato (seminar chairman), at :


Or by using the contact form on this page