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Novo Nordisk Foundation - Center for Biosustainability

Section for High Throughput Molecular Biosciences

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (CFB), centered at the Danish Technical University (DTU) , aims to be a worldwide leader in cell factories design, construction and deployment and thus be a driver for change towards a biosustainable society.

The KTH satellite for high-throughput molecular bioscience, situated in Stockholm, is advancing high-throughput technologies to facilitate a shift towards next generation metabolic engineering; where large-scale sequencing & genomics tools, high-throughput microdroplet screening assays, and rapid assembly of DNA vectors aid in rapid development of industrial production strains. The objective is to advance metabolic engineering projects through the use of high-throughput molecular bioscience approaches. The KTH satellite rests on three platforms (1) Cell factory genomics (2) microfluidic cell factory screening and (3) CHO cell factory.