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Hi everybody,

Last week all the GA´s from KTH (directors of first and second level studies) travelled together to Eindhoven for a fruitful visit to the Eindhoven University, TU/e. Along for the ride was also our Rector, Vice Rector for Education and a few more important colleagues. The purpose of the trip was to discuss our future education at KTH but also to visit the conference organized by Cluster called “Frontiers in Engineering Education”. The conference last Thursday was a full day with interesting discussions in several areas with the leading technical universities in Europe. I shall give a few examples of issues discussed in the blog later this week.

ITM school’s representative, undersigned, met on last Wednesday TU/e´s representative from their “ITM” to discuss similarities and differences in our programs. Among many similar issues it was interesting to note that they currently only have 3% girls its M-program! When I told him that this year we have 31% on M and a total of 40 % at ITM he almost passed out! Right now TU/e tries to address this dilemma.

I also met and talked to some students who were working on a large x-disciplinary project that involves all students in year 2 at TU/e organized multi-disciplinary teams. This year a remote-controlled robot was to save yellow plastic ducks from a pond of water, among some other things. The students work in groups of 8 with a student from each program. The interesting thing is that there are more than 1500 students carrying out the project. The tricky and resource demanding responsibility rolls through the programs (between schools) and this year Mechanical Engineering is in charge so the ducks should have been redJ. Last year,  TU/e’s counterpart to the ABE-school run the project. The picture shows one of the robots designed to save ducks. The robot is connected to WiFi and equipped with a small camera and the students were not allowed to be in the room during the final competition.

Laster this week I will share some highlights from the Cluster conference and I will tell you a little bit about last Friday’s activities when all GA´s from KTH worked creatively on new ideas together with the Dean of TU/e new venture, The Engineering College.

Thats all for now.

/Per L (GA)

Robot för att rädda ankor