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To admit doctoral students

Many supervisors find it hard to know how to admit PhD student and especially if the student comes from a country outside Europe. It can be difficult to find ones way through the governing documents of KTH and the school. It may also be difficult to know how to best advise the student regarding residence permits, housing, etc.

I have just employed a PhD student and have during the process noted what is important to think about in each step, what documents need to be in place and in what order etc. I intend to write a short description of this and post on the ITM website. Hopefully soon 🙂

It is almost time for the annual ITM doctoral conference, it takes place April 18-19, and will again be held at Skogshem and Wijk in Lindingö. This year’s theme is not yet fixed so ideas and suggestions are welcome.

/ Malin Selleby, FA

One thought on “To admit doctoral students”

  1. Hello,

    Yes, it will be definitely helpful. In case if any Indian student comes, I may be of some help too. I know what exactly is needed for them.

    Deepjyoti Mukherjee

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