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ITM PhD student conference

A Wednesday and Thursday in April we had the annual ITM PhD student conference at Skogshem and Wijk on Lindingö. The theme this year was Research skills from different perspectives. Linda Söderlindh gave a very inspiring combined lecture/workshop on Presentation skills (see picture). Greta Quesada Richardson & Margareta Fathli informed us about Open Access publishing. In the … Continue reading “ITM PhD student conference”

ITM PhD student conference

The invitation and agenda for the annual ITM PhD student conference has just been sent out to all PhD students. The topic of this year’s conference is Research skills from different perspectives and includes a lecture/workshop on Presentation skills by Linda Söderlindh. We will also hear about Open Access publishing, get information from THS, and … Continue reading “ITM PhD student conference”

To admit doctoral students

Many supervisors find it hard to know how to admit PhD student and especially if the student comes from a country outside Europe. It can be difficult to find ones way through the governing documents of KTH and the school. It may also be difficult to know how to best advise the student regarding residence … Continue reading “To admit doctoral students”

Brief information from FA

The doctoral student survey that was published during the spring has been analyzed and the results were presented at the PhD student conference. It was very satisfactory to note that overall results were positive. Now we analyze the results at the level of detail for our five doctoral programs. The result will also be available … Continue reading “Brief information from FA”

PhD students’ survey and conference

The survey to all PhD students at ITM will be sent out very soon, hopefully on Monday. Please fill in the survey as soon as it arrives. Please also let us know if somebody should have received the survey but didn’t. We are currently checking the email-lists to all PhD students but there will probably … Continue reading “PhD students’ survey and conference”