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The ITM basic values, a new education program, a new kind of centre

Two weeks ago ITM handed in our application for a new BSc in Engineering program to the Faculty council. This new program within the area of industrial maintenance and reliability is the second new program to be established as a result of our extensive developments in Södertälje. The final naming of the program is not … Continue reading “The ITM basic values, a new education program, a new kind of centre”

A milestone to be reached this week!

I was about to dedicate this blog piece to the fact that the team behind the development of our campus in Södertälje will reach a major milestone this week, but I did not need to because our president has already highlighted it! See the president’s letter. A few names are mentioned in the weekly president’s … Continue reading “A milestone to be reached this week!”

The ITM Operations contract for 2016

When approaching a new year, each of the KTH schools signs a contract with our rector about the next year’s activities. On the educational side our mission is rather stable from year to year in terms of number new students and target numbers for graduations. For 2016 there is one major new activity, namely the … Continue reading “The ITM Operations contract for 2016”

Impact in focus

Efficient internal communication is always a challenge. Too much information via inadequate channels are at the risk of being perceived only as disturbance. At the same time there is a challenge to keep the information flow going and to make sure that the information is up-to-date. Maybe the most difficult part is to guarantee that … Continue reading “Impact in focus”