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Paper published on the OneLearns program in Rwanda and Ethiopia

  Our paper A Web-Based Program About Sustainable Development Goals Focusing on Digital Learning, Digital Health Literacy, and Nutrition for Professional Development in Ethiopia and Rwanda: Development of a Pedagogical Method has been published in JMIR Formative Research. Background:East African countries face significant societal challenges related to sustainable development goals but have limited resources to … Continue reading “Paper published on the OneLearns program in Rwanda and Ethiopia”

Special Issue “Effective and Efficient Digital Learning”

We are guest editing an issue of  Multimodal Technologies and Interaction with the theme “Effective and Efficient Digital Learning”. Despite many promising initiatives to use digital technology to enhance teaching and learning, its impact on the vast majority of education has so far been slim. There are several reasons for this: (1) Staff experience a … Continue reading “Special Issue “Effective and Efficient Digital Learning””

Paper published: Sustainable Approaches for Accelerated Learning

AbstractSustainable education does not yet have a widely accepted definition in the literature. In this work, we start from the Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education for All (SDG4) and interpret sustainable education as increasing the quality of learning whilst conserving the resources required to produce and deliver it. From this interpretation, we argue that … Continue reading “Paper published: Sustainable Approaches for Accelerated Learning”