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A centre for climate action research

KTH Climate Action Centre is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and research-focused centre aiming to advance climate mitigation and adaptation in synergy with all the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Dancers and composers interpret climate change research

On the 5th of May, dancers and composers presented their work interpreting climate change research for a crowd at KTH Reactor Hall.

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A scientific-knowledge base generated for and resulting from global climate assessments provides a basis for understanding current gaps and limitations in the research process. Transdisciplinary ‘missions’ shaping new climate research are designed to address these limitations and provide solutions for policy streamlining while redefining the structure of existing research approaches. Image courtesy of the authors.

A mission-driven approach to Climate Action research

Building on KTH Climate Action centre's integrated approach to Climate Action research, and the possibility to bring together the five research schools at KTH, the researchers at the centre propose a ...

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Mingle during the event

KTH Climate Action Centre and RISE hosts workshop on materials and consumption

The multi-stakeholder workshop held at the Climate Action Centre house enabled researchers from different disciplines and industry partners to discuss how to address the sustainability challenges conn...

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Affiliated researchers

Proudly presenting the Climate Action Faculty

Our affiliated researchers are the ground for our multidisciplinary and collaborative research. They come from all schools at KTH and from other universities.


Media archive

Sweden Arena – Sports and the climate

Published: 16 March, 2022

What can be done by atheletes in order to help achieve the climate goals? What can be done by sports associations? And how can international sports events become climate positive? The seminar is led by Karin Larsdotter from KTH Climate Action Centre together with Anton Dahlberg, sailor and olympian.

Language: Swedish

Climate talk day 2: This is how our climate footprints can be reduced

Published: November 17th, 2021

What do our climate footprints really look like now? What do they need to look like for us to achieve a climate-neutral society? And what would need to be done to get there? Lecturers: Jonas Åkerman, Karin Bradley

Language: Swedish