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Student Competition for a Climate Neutral Stockholm

KTH Climate Action Centre, the Bolin Centre at Stockholm University and the Centre for Health Crises and the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Health at Karolinska Institutet is organising this student competition to create a greener, healthier and more climate-resilient Stockholm.

Competition poster

Join us in shaping the future of Stockholm towards climate neutrality by 2030! Calling all passionate students from KTH, SU, and KI!

Competition Overview: Embark on a transformative journey to envision a climate-resilient Stockholm that fosters health and sustainability. The competition is hosted at the KTH Climate Action Centre, and organised in collaboration with the Bolin Centre at Stockholm University and the Centre for Health Crises and the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Health at Karolinska Institutet. The competition invites you to tackle pressing challenges faced by our city and present your results to a jury of experts!

Theme & Challenges: 

  • Redefining urban landscapes with nature-based solutions 

  • Adapting to the impact of extreme weather events and lower emissions in the city 

  • Crafting effective information systems for emergency workers & the public

Why Join? Gain expertise, work alongside experts, and showcase your ideas to influential stakeholders shaping our city's future. The winners will also receive a certificate of excellence from our stakeholders. 

A multidisciplinary approach is key to tackle the many effects of climate change. That is why the competition is open to all students from KTH, KI and SU. Your collective ideas and knowledge from all universities will be crucial for this competition!

Applications open on the 8th of January and close on the 26th of January*. You can apply using this form: . Together, let's create a greener, healthier, and climate-resilient Stockholm!  

Competition detials: The competition introduction day and final presentation will be held at the KTH Climate Action Centre. Both of these sessions are mandatory to complete the competition.
The introduction day will be on the 7th of February from 9:00 to lunch.
The final presentations will be on the 21st of February 17:15-19:00.
Other sessions will be announced on the introduction day, and is adapted to fit the participants other studies and engagements.
You can sign up alone, or wish to participate along with a friend! When you have signed up, the organisers will form the final teams in a group of 3-5 people.

During the competition you will be asked to answer at least one of three questions. The team will together decide whether or not you want to answer them all, to have a broader concept solution for the city, or focus more on one particular solution and one question.

More details of what is expected and background to the competition will be presented on the introduction day.

*The application form is now open until the 31st of January.