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For partners and stakeholders

Your organisation can collaborate with KTH Climate Action Centre. We have three different types of partnerships, all of which can be tailored as needed.

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Foto: Mark Fletcher Brown Unsplash.

Collaborate with us!

KTH Climate Action Centre aims to engage partners and stakeholders. Contact us about how your organization can get involved in KTH Climate Action Centre by filling in this form:

Partnership models

Our partnerships can be tailored so that each partner can contribute on their own terms and according to interest and capacities.

  • Key partners: Co-financing and participation in the centre's board.
  • Knowledge partners: Joint development of knowledge and communication.
  • Donors: Contributing with time or funding.

Why engage with the centre?

We think that some main values from engaging with the centre can be:

Knowledge for strategic decisions

  • Access to the latest science on climate action and identification of key areas of change in the next 10-20 years, both in the partners´ sectors and in the broader society​.
  • Research on mutually agreed topics of strategic importance, such upcoming market opportunities for new technologies and business models​.
  • Lifelong learning, providing the latest knowledge in Climate Action from KTH Faculty.​


  • Enter in an ecosystem of partners working on Climate Action in Sweden and abroad, with benefits in e.g. learning from other sectors,, network, and understand upcoming trends and opportunities​. New collaborative projects and new funding opportunities​.
  • Future talents: Partners will get in contact with students via diploma works, events and workshops​.
  • Tips: You can advertise degree projects within Climate Action at the KTH Degree Project Portal .


  • Engagement with the public, students and other important stakeholders​.
  • Visibility on the Climate Action Centre website and activities​.