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KTH Climate Action Centre in short

2030 is soon here. Here and now, KTH is conducting research for climate-neutral and resilient societies in many different disciplines and areas. KTH Climate Action Centre takes a leading role in this by developing science based solutions to accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral society.

Science for change

Through KTH Climate Action Centre, KTH effectively drives the development towards a society with net zero emissions. The centre's focus extends from technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to societal changes that are needed in the future to reduce climate impact and to how society needs to be adapted to cope with the ongoing climate changes.

The research covers four areas: Climate mitigation, System-level sustainable climate action, Climate adaptation and Co-creation research. These areas are important one by one – but especially in combination – for reaching the climate goals.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – Climate mitigation

In order to achieve the climate goals, all sectors need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions relating to all their activities, products and services. It is the combination of innovative technology and political decisions that can contribute to societies with net zero emissions.

System-level sustainable climate action

Many different research areas need to be involved and work together in order achieve the climate goals without negatively affecting other sustainability goals.

Climate adaptation

We can already see how the climate is changing and how it affects our society and infrastructure. We need to understand more about how society and infrastructure can be adapted to increase resilience to climate change.

Co-creation research

In order to achieve a climate-neutral and resilient society, we need to produce research results that are useful in practice. Actors in both business, the public and civil society need to be able to take part in new knowledge and use it in an effective way. This is best done by researching and building knowledge together.