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Climate Politics in Action #4 Cecilia Hermansson, Climate Policy Council

The Swedish Climate Policy Council reviews how the national politics meet the Climate Goals. How is Sweden performing when it comes to reaching climate neutrality by 2045? What policy areas need to improve? What are the biggest challenges? Students are welcome to a seminar with the Chair of the Council Cecilia Hermansson, who is also a KTH researcher.

Time: Wed 2022-11-02 12.00 - 13.00

Location: Climate Action Centre (Teknikringen 43)

Language: English

Participating: Cecilia Hermansson

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Please register here to reserve a seat and a delicious vegan wrap: Register: Climate Politics in Action #4 Cecilia Hermansson

Cecilia Hermansson
Cecilia Hermansson

The Swedish Climate Policy Council is an independent, interdisciplinary expert body that evaluates how well the Government’s overall policies are aligned with the climate goals of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Every year, the Swedish Climate Policy Council presents its yearly report to the Government that contains an assessment of the government’s overall policies and the climate policy action plan. They also present recommendations to the government.

Cecilia Hermansson is currently Chair in the Swedish Climate Policy Council, as one of eight researchers in the Council. With a PhD in Economics, she is currently a researcher in financial economics at KTH, mainly focused on behavioral economics and risk tolerance. But Cecilia also has experiences from the private sector, being former chief economist at Swedbank, member of the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council, and has previously been with SIDA, Swedish International Development Association, the Ministry of Finance, and IVA.