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New book on “Foundations of User-Centric Cell-Free Massive MIMO”

Published Jan 25, 2021

Özlem Tuğfe Demir and Emil Björnson, researchers at COS, have published the first textbook on the emerging research topic of “Cell-Free Massive MIMO”. The book is co-authored by Luca Sanguinetti at the University of Pisa. Over 326 pages, the authors provide the reader with all the fundamental information required to design and build the next generation mobile networks without being hindered by the inherent restrictions of modern cellular-based technology. More precisely, the abstract says: “The cellular network architecture was not designed for high-rate data services but for low-rate voice services, thus it is time to look beyond the cellular paradigm and make a clean-slate network design that can reach the performance requirements of the future. This monograph considers the cell-free network architecture that is designed to reach the aforementioned goal of uniformly high data rates everywhere.”

Find out more on the Publisher’s website .