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  • Research behind the efficiency of mobile phone networks - one of the most highly cited
    27 Nov 2023

    The research behind using mobile phone masts with many small electrically steerable antennas has been included in Clarivate's annual Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers 2023 list. ”This is of cours...

  • A new comprehensive approach is needed in wireless research
    17 Oct 2023

    Challenges in the industry are increasing as we move towards a digitalised society where everything needs to be connected. The competition for the rare earth metals required in our batteries is intens...

  • Emil Björnson.
    Emil Björnson was awarded the 2022 Tage Erlander Prize
    11 Feb 2022

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded Professor Emil Björnson with the 2022 Tage Erlander Prize for natural sciences and technology.

  • Emil Björnson at a lab.
    Meet Emil Björnson, new professor at EECS
    25 Jan 2022

    Emil Björnson, newly appointed professor of wireless communication at the Division of communication systems, congratulations on your new position! And congratulations on the IEEE fellow award!