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"To win over the hacks, you have to think like the hacker"

Meet Jörgen who is passionate about sharing security awareness.

Hi Jörgen. Please share, what do you do for a living?

– Hi, my name is Jörgen Bertholdsson and I work as a Solutions Architect for a company called OP5. We sell a system software called OP5 Monitor, providing monitoring for large companies or large systems.

What made you curious about this course?

– I've always been interested in security, especially with the focus on "the bad ones". For many years, I have observed a growing need for security awareness in society. Everything from big businesses down to individual users at home. In my opinion there is a lack of safety awareness in everyday life. Today anyone in the world can easily make an attack on anything which is quite a risk since we are all online all the time. That’s why security knowledge is so important and the reason why I chose this course.

What are your key takeaways?

The course has been very rewarding, containing everything from small tasks to bigger, more advanced hacking. It’s given me a deeper understanding of the techniques used by the hackers and the opportunities presented to the hackers when individuals and companies make unwise decisions. For example, how companies publish their services on the internet or what users click on when browsing the Internet.

Your favourite part of the course?

The best part of the course (apart from Pontus) is the freedom. We can freely choose when, where and how to progress to reach the end of the course. I must add, it has been very interesting and an eye-opener. To win over the hacks, you have to think like the hackers. And right now, I’m on my way ;-)