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Studies within Electric Power and Energy Systems

The Division of Electric Power and Energy Systems is highly involved in teaching and gives courses and programmes for bachelor, master and doctoral (Ph.D.) students. The division also offer master degree projects.

Programme and courses

The Division of Electric Power and Energy Systems' education covers all aspects of the electric power system including electricity markets, power generation, transmission and distribution, grid intelligence, automation and control as well as electric transportation, electric machines and power electronics. 

The Division of Electric Power and Energy Systems is involved in the 5-year Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and the Master Programme in Electric Power Engineering.


The division is involved in the following programmes:

Masterprogram i elkraftteknik (English)

Civilingenjör i elektroteknik (information på svenska)


The division gives the following courses for bachelor, master and Ph.D. students.

Kurser inom Elkraft och Energisystem

Master degree projects

If you are interested in performing your master thesis at the division, please get in contact with the following persons.

Available projects

Examensarbeten publiceras i examensarbetesportalen

Learning Material

The division makes some of its learning material publicly accessible. Note that to use it for other purposes than personal learning (such as in the development of new course material) you will still need to ask the creators for permission since the material may be subject to copyright.

Power System Analysis: Course Compendium (2016, Lennart Söder and Mehrdad Ghandhari) (pdf 2.2 MB)

Power System Stability: Course Compendium (2021, Mehrdad Ghandhari) (pdf 3.8 MB)

High Power Electronics: HVDC and SVC (1990, Åke Ekström) (pdf 4.7 MB)