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NAVET WEEK 2022 - Day 1 at KTH

NAVET welcomes you to NAVET WEEK 2022, a week of activities, open for everyone (free admission), including live performances, interactive installations, presentations and workshops distributed between KTH, KMH Royal College of Music, SKH Stockholm University of the Arts, Konstfack and Scenkonstmuseet – The Swedish Museum of Performing Arts.

Tid: Må 2022-12-12 kl 13.00 - 19.00

Plats: Teknikringen 1

Språk: English

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KTH will start the week with presentations from researchers of the NAVET center, including presentations by Leif Handberg (KTH Reactor Hall) and of NAVET newly appointed Thematic Working Groups, as well as a presentation of another center, the KTH Climate Action Center, and the newly started collaboration with NAVET. The day will be concluded by a live performance and mingle.

Please register to the NAVET WEEK 2022 events here:  NAVET WEEK 2022 registration form .

13.00-18.00: KTH, Teknikringen 1

Address: Teknikringen 1, 114 28 Stockholm
This session is also available live via Zoom: kth-se.zoom.us/j/67057900567  

13.00 Roberto Bresin , Opening of the second NAVET WEEK

13.20 Leif Handberg , A university of technology can also create culture: the making of the opera "The Tale of the Great Computing Machine"

13.40 Francesco Fuso Nerini, Introducing the KTH Climate Action Centre - A centre for global transformation toward SDG13 on Climate Action ( link )

14.00 Lina Persson, Elsa - A climate calculator for the Swedish film industry. www.elsa.film

14.30 Erik Natanael Gustafsson from the re|thread collective  presents un|fold  - A sound and light sculpture developed for the Nobel Week Lights

14.45 Roberto Bresin, Presentation of a new project collaboration between NAVET and the KTH Climate Action Centre

14.55 Roberto Bresin, Presentation of a new student festival in Art, Technology and Design

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Presentation of three new NAVET Thematic Working Groups:

17.00 Mingle with live music performance

Live performance by Giovanni Onorato ( link ): celycib~ for bycicle and live electronics

Sound and Light Installations

During the NAVET WEEK there are two light installations at the KTH Campus Valhallavägen which were presented during the Nobel Week Lights , two installations at Swedish Museum of Performing Arts ( Scenkonstmuseet ) and one installation in Flemingberg :