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20th Nordic Process Control Workshop

Welcome to the 20th Nordic Process Control Workshop which will be held in Sigtuna just outside Stockholm, August 25-26 2016. The Nordic Process Control Workshop brings together people from academia and industry to discuss recent advances and future trends in process control.

The workshop starts off on August 24 with a tutorial on Physical and Data Driven Modeling for Control. On August 25-26 the conference part of the 20th Nordic Process Control Workshop takes place. Industrial participants, academic researchers, and students are invited to submit contributions. An important event at the Nordic Process Control Workshop is announcement of the winner of the Nordic Process Control Award. This year the award will be presented to Professor Wolfgang Marquardt who will also give an award lecture.

The workshop will take place at Sigtunastiftelsen  located in Sigtuna which is situated at the lake Mälaren just outside Stockholm. The conference venue is conveniently located close to Arlanda, the main airport of Stockholm.

We cordially invite everyone interested in process control to participate in the 20th Nordic Process Control Workshop, and to contribute and share scholarly discussions and cutting-edge developments in the field of process control, including process simulation and process optimization.

For registration, contributions and other details, please see left menu.


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