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Admission, application and eligibility

Application to our courses is done in different ways depending on whether you are a program student at KTH or if you wish to read the course as an independent student. You have to apply for the course the right way for us to treat your application. To be admitted and registered you have to qualify for the course.

The eligibility requirements consist of two parts: basic eligibility and specific eligibility. There is a link on each course page on the RCN homepage leading to the eligibility information.

Application for program students

Program students at KTH apply via their program advisor. Application to courses for program students vary between the different programs and courses which is why it is important that you check what the case is for your program.

Application for independent students

Depending on which course you apply for you apply via or local admission.

Courses applied for via

Application to the majority of our courses is done via Usually there are several course dates during the year that you can apply for.

The regular times for applying at are:

• 15th of February-15th of March for Summer courses
• 15th of March-15th of April for Autumn courses
• 15th of September-15th of October for Spring courses

Late application
After the regular application period you can make a late application until the course starts. Late applications are processed by VHS and the KTH admissions unit when time permits. Please contact the KTH admissions unit if you have questions regarding late applications.

Courses with local admission

Some of our courses have local admission during the year. You apply for these courses directly via the user account form and you can start working on the course at once.

It is your obligation to prove your eligibility. You must make sure we have access to your qualifications when we are assessing you application.