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Course and Credit registration


To be admitted to the course you need to have made a correct application and you need to be eligible for the course.

Course registration

Course registration is ongoing throughout the semester. To receive a course registration you must be admitted to the course (see above), the course you have been admitted to must have begun and you need to be active in the course. (Active means that you have logged in to your account and filled out the liability form which will pop up automatically the first time you log on to the course.) Count on it taking 1-3 weeks to receive a course registration from the time the course has started and you have been active in the course.

After you have filled out the liability form you need to continue being active in the course, activity is measured by how many times you log on to the course. This is why it is good to log on at least once a week even if you decide to study the course material on paper and not online. If you are not active during the first three weeks you will receive an early break. This means that you can apply for the course again and that you will not receive a course registration. If you receive an early break but wish to continue the course, contact the student adviser.

If you do not receive a course registration for the semester you got accepted to then you must apply for the course again. If you are unsure of your registration, contact the student adviser (see Student Lounge).

Credit registration

The examination date is set to the report date and does not have to correspond to the exact date when the task was finished. Reports are made continually, usually once a week. To get your credits reported you must be admitted to the course and have received a course registration. Count on it taking 1-3 weeks to get your credits registered after you have taken them. The registration of credits is done in KTH LADOK and is done manually.