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Getting Started

  • I have applied, what happens now?
    I few weeks before the course start you will receive a welcome letter. There is also some general information about how it works to study our courses. You can read all about this here.
  • How do I create a course account?
    You create the account through the course website. To find your course please enter and click on the subject heading of the course. Please make sure that the account and notification are for the same course date.

    Contact the student counselors at RCN ( if you need help.
  • Can I be admitted to a course that already started?
    Unfortunately you cannot be admitted to our courses if the course has started. You can read more about this here.

How does it works?

  • Do I become divided into a study group and do I have to be present in a classroom or on the internet?
    All students read together and get help from our teachers or fellow studentson the Internet (One exception is the course SF1652 Introductory Course in Mathematics 2 at KTH, this course ends with an exam at a University). Our teachers can be contacted through phone and email.

  • Do I have to be online to work on the course?
    It depends on which course you want to study, please contact our mentors for more information

  • What happens if I don’t have time to finish the course?
    If you haven’t  applied for student funds: It does not matter
    If you receive student funds for the course: You risk repayment.

    Contact CSN to find out your situation!

  • What does it cost
    All higher education is free for Swedish citizens (and citizens of EU/EEA and Switzerland). The students who come from countries outside this region will have to pay a fee. The levels of the fee are determined locally by each university.

    For information about KTH

Have you taken a course before?

  • How do I finish an incomplete course?
    Contact the student counselors at RCN (, they can help you getting started with your course again.
  • I want to take a new course!
    To access the course materials for your new course, you must add the course in your Student Lounge. You do this the same way as when you created the course account the first time.

Student funds

  • Can I apply for student funds?
    As a student to one of RCNs courses you are eligible for a student loan and/or allowance. But you should carefully examine the conditions governing the payment of student funds. You may be obliged to refund your funds if it turns out that do did not meet the CSN’s demands. You can also have difficulty obtaining new loans in the future if you do not take the credits that CSN requires. It’s you as a student who is responsible that the information you submit to CSN is correct and that you meet with CSN’s demands.

    For questions about student founds, you should get in touch with CSN.