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Information about web based studies

Our courses are designed so that you can work in your own pace when you have the time.

Our courses have a flexible study pace which you can decide once you have created an RCN user account to the course. However, formal admission and course registration will be done for the course dates you applied for. This means that you can start the course and do the exams before the course starts, but the results will not be registered until the course start time. Just make sure that the user account is for the same dates as the course you applied for.


You can get help from a mentor/teacher if you have problems with the course or an assignment. Contact details will be available once you log on to the course.

If you experience any technical problems such as problems logging on to the course, you can contact the technical support at or 08-506 375 90.

RCN user account

On the course information pages there is a web form you need to fill out to get to the web based course material. You need to fill out a form for each course you take.
In the web form you fill out your personal details. You fill in your username (your e-mail address) and choose password. If you have taken a course earlier via MATH.SE/RCN, it is important that you use the same username and password. If you have forgotten your password or would like to change your contact details, please contact the technical support.
It is important that you create an account and fill out the form for the same course dates you have applied/ are enrolled in. Please contact the student advisor if you are unsure.
Once you have logged in the first page you come to is the Student Lounge. In the Student Lounge you will find links to all course material including exams, assignments, a forum and contact details.

Study plan

Start working on the course in good time and do not leave all the work until the last study week and your chances to succeed will improve. The study plan will help you plan your studies.

If you click on ”Course weeks” in the Student Lounge you will see your study plan. The study plan shows what you are expected to do every week. When everything that is expected for that week is completed, the week will turn green. Current week is yellow and passed while uncompleted weeks are red.

The study plan is meant to be a support to help you complete the course in the time you have chosen to do the course. If you are waiting for a teacher to correct an assignment or if a week turns red, it is not a problem. If you feel that you would like to make changes in your study plan, please contact the technical support/the mentors.