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About RCN

The work at RCN (Resource Centre for Net based Education) is built on years of experience of net based education. The commission for RCN is to help with implementation and to organize net based courses as well as to spread competence about net based education. The centre can also help departments to develop new net courses or create supplement to traditional campus education.

RCN is both an entry for students who want to study net based courses and for departments which want to offer net based education.

Technical Platform and Support for Tutoring

RCN has a technical platform with several web based tools where students can log in and get access to internet forums, course material and net based examinations.

The students get a user account for the course through a web based form; they fill out the form after they are admitted. When the students log in they come to a summarizing page (Student Lounge) where they can see all their courses.

For most of our courses the students make an application through the national website for higher education For the courses with local admission the form also works as an application form. All programme students and exchange students at KTH apply for courses through their coordinators.

The course platform can be used to contact the students who need help or seem to fall behind in the course. Most of our courses have mentors which the students can contact through e-mail, phone or the course forum.

Net Based Examination and Pedagogical Model

The courses at RCN are built on a well developed pedagogical model. The examination of the students can be done throughout the course and is usually finished with a summarizing written or oral exam. Net based examination can be used both as a foundation for net based education and as a supplement to campus education (net support).

The examination can be based on following levels:

  1. Basic facts (this level is assessed with automatically corrected tests)
  2. Problem solving
  3. Ability to analyze, ask questions, discuss problems and produce written account.
  4. Concluding written or oral exam which is based on the activities throughout the course.

What RCN can Do

RCN can give basic information to the students and organize the net course. RCN provides the technical solutions for the activities in the course. The centre can also assist in the admission process, course registration and registration of results (credits) in LADOK. Advertisement for courses is also an important part in which RCN can assist. The institution at the university is responsible for the material and execution of the course, but RCN can help with the implementation. RCN can also help with the basic support, tutoring and to follow up the students results.

Contact us if you have any questions about RCN or our work.

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