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Rural crime and community safety - an international workshop

Rural areas are often seen as a retreat from the problems of urban living, where people reside closer to nature, in cohesive safe communities. Are rural areas safer than urban areas? As in large urban centers, rural areas are overcoming a number of changes often dictated by forces far beyond those local realities. Crime and community safety have become just the tip of the iceberg of the transformations that happen at different pace and at various scales around the rural world.

 Far from being a homogeneous entity, the term 'rural areas' is considered as a diverse set of communities  with different characteristics and needs but that share a number of qualities and challenges. Giving such relevance, CEFIN/KTH is organizing a workshop with renown international scholars in the area with support of FORTE and Vetenskapsrådet (VR). This workshop provides a unique opportunity for us in Sweden to get to know and perhaps discuss different perspectives on social change and community safety in rural areas - a commonly neglected subject area in both research and policy.

The workshop “Rural crime and community safety” is going to be composed of contributions from Sweden, United States, Brazil, United Kingdom and Australia and is open to the public, free of charge but registration is mandatory by 13th September.

Biographies (pdf 362 kB)

Topics: crime and safety in an international perspective, farm crime, illegal business and crime in the rural, gendered violence, environmental harm and crime, patterns of victimization, rural policing.

Presenters are authors of articles submitted to the Special Issue in Journal of Rural Studies which is devoted to the topic  “Social change, crime and community safety” that is going to be published early 2015.

The workshop is sponsored by VR- Vetenskapsrådet and FORTE.


REGISTRATION: by 13th September.

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