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Mixing fluid mechanics with circus: an interdisciplinary pedagogical experiment

Welcome to the School of Architecture and Built Environment’s Thursday seminar series!

Time: Thu 2022-04-21 15.00 - 16.00

Location: Zoom

Language: English

Participating: Luigia Brandimarte

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Tired of “screen teaching”, last year Luigia Brandimarte started thinking of alternative ways to take

students (and myself) away from a computer screen and offer a new learning environment. So, she contacted two colleagues from the Stockholm School of Circus (SKH) and shaped with them a joint cross-discipline group activity, involving both KTH and Circus students.

The activity was offered as an extra-course assignment to third year KTH students in the AE1601/AE1603 Strömningsmekanik course and first year SKH students in the Bachelor of Circus, in September 2021: fluid mechanics concepts became the common language between fluid mechanics and circus students.
By engaging with the course contents in a fun, creative and a-typical manner, participants gained experiences that enriched knowledge in their own domain as well as their ability to communicate what they have learned to people from other domains.

The seminar shares details on this joint experiment, discusses the value of cross-disciplinarity for life-long learning and reflects on students’ feedback on this new and out-of-context pedagogical experience.

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The Thursday seminar is an open lecture series from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment . On a Thursday afternoon a month, selected current research or activities are presented for about 45 minutes. The lectures have free admission and are open to everyone.

Speakers and topics for each occasion are presented on an ongoing basis.

The seminar series  is part of the school's impact work.

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