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  • His thesis sheds light on organizational challenges

    Profilbild av Olli Vigren utanför KTH:s entre.
    Olli Vigren. Foto: Privat
    Published Apr 20, 2022

    Olli Vigren is a doctoral student at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. He researches how the industry can solve organizational and managerial problems related to digitalisatio...

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  • Olga Kordas is among this year's most powerful in sustainability

    Published Apr 13, 2022

    The year's most powerful in sustainability has been named. This year, the jury has selected 101 people who all make significant contributions to make Sweden more sustainable. One of these is Associate...

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  • Prosun Bhattacharya awarded the George Burke Maxey Distinguished Service Award 2021

    Photo: Private
    Published Apr 13, 2022

    Professor Prosun Bhattacharya has been awarded the George Burke Maxey Distinguished Service Award 2021. Presented annually, the award recognizes exemplary service "to the hydrogeology profession and t...

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  • Students advise city on its plans to reverse neighborhoods’ isolation

    four women sitting at work table with tablet showing planning document
    “What they delivered was creative and bold thinking, and they presented it in a very clear, pedagogical way," says Eskilstuna planning project manager Robert Gremalm. Left to right, Moa Holmqvist, Helin Celep, Shuming Rao and Moa Ribjer. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Apr 05, 2022

    Social and physical segregation are two of the problems one Swedish city hopes to reverse with a little help from students at KTH.

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  • Ethics are important when working with smart cities

    Pod taxis with low-cost sensors measuring the  temperature at Kungsholms Strand in Stockholm.
    Stockholm Heat is one example of a smart city project that is being implemented within the parameters of Stockholm Senseable Lab. Researchers in the project are using a method, City Scanner, where low cost sensors that measure the ambient and ground temperature, are fitted to pod taxis. Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Mar 30, 2022

    One key to achieve Stockholm’s vision of being the world’s smartest city by 2040, is the use of digitalisation, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI), to analyse huge volumes of data that are gener...

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  • A collaboration that strengthens KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Region Stockholm

    Visionsbild av ny tunnelbanestation
    Illustration: Region Stockholm / &Rundquist
    Published Feb 17, 2022

    Neither KTH nor Region Stockholm is planning to move from where they are, says Daniel Jonsson, a researcher at the Division of Transport and Systems Analysis as well as Partner Director Traffic and Re...

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  • Europe doesn’t realize full extent of threat to Mediterranean soil

    a vineyard in Italy with a farmhouse in the background.
    Mediterranean region has the overall highest soil erosion rates within the Europe, the lowest levels of soil organic matter and severe salinisation problems. Pictured: a vineyard in Italy. (Franco Volpato,
    Published Feb 16, 2022

    Europe’s Mediterranean countries produce a significant portion of the world’s wines, olives, nuts and tomatoes. But research shows that the region’s farms and orchards are the most susceptible in Euro...

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  • Research in between educational and technical history

    Lina Rahm researches critical pedagogy and environmental humanities at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. Photo: Hanna Kalla
    Published Feb 02, 2022

    Lina Rahm is a new Assistant Professor at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. Her research focuses on the intersection between sociotechnical and educational imaginaries.

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  • He maps out urban activity and unequal living conditions in cities

    Chen Feng is a postdoctoral fellow in Applied Urban Design (Tillämpad stadsbyggnad). Photo: Pixabay
    Published Jan 26, 2022

    Measuring urban forms and understanding how urban design can affect ways of living in the city are of great interest to Chen Feng, a postdoctoral fellow in Applied Urban Design. He is currently studyi...

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  • She has a deep interest in land rights

    Foto: Pexels
    Published Dec 15, 2021

    Practically all land in Sweden is divided into real estate, owned by someone. We also take much for granted when it comes to real estate: that it can be sold, that there is a register and that we can ...

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  • The Secrecy Act an obstacle in the fight against construction crime

    Tord af Klintberg investigates how may be possible to overcome construction crime. (Photo: Unsplash)
    Published Dec 09, 2021

    The Secrecy Act protects the privacy of individuals, but it also contributes to making it more difficult for authorities to jointly stop construction crime. Tord af Klintberg researches sustainable bu...

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  • Lighting Design Brighten Up Stockholm During Nobel Week Lights

    Published Dec 08, 2021

    Nobel Week Lights light up in different places around Stockholm. A place that has received a temporary sound and light guest is the Brunkeberg tunnel between Hötorget and Östermalm, where the artwork ...

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  • Initiatives aimed at reversing deterioration of the Baltic Sea

    Mikael Östling, crown princess Victoria, Philip von Segebaden and David Nilsson gathered in library
    Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden participated in a Baltic Tech Initiative seminar at the KTH Library where she was joined by, from left, KTH Deputy President Mikael Östling, Development Office Director Philip von Segebaden and David Nilsson, scientific coordinator of the Baltic Tech Initiative.
    Published Dec 02, 2021

    The marine environment is worsening at a fast rate and KTH researchers are now working to reverse the trend in the Baltic Sea. “We want to solve the problems by, among other ways, electronically mon...

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  • Collaboration with Guinea-Bissau University Aims to Broaden Students' Perspectives

    Members of the Guinea-Bissau and KTH collaboration.
    Edinilson da Silva, UN Habitat in Bissau. Erika Svensson Rössner, KTH’s International Relations Office. Teres Selberg is lecturer in Architecture KTH. Luís Colaço, Lusófona University in Bissau. Isa Bergh Lopes da Costa, lecturer in Sustainable Urban Planning at Lusófona University and UNDP. Photo: Hanna Kalla
    Published Dec 01, 2021

    A collaboration to broaden the context that architecture students work in and for an exchange of knowledge that intends to start an architectural education that does not take a Western focus; these ar...

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  • The pandemic made her join the circus

    Published Nov 24, 2021

    Like many others, Luigia Brandimarte was forced to teach online when the pandemic struck. Being used to interactive teaching in classrooms, she found it difficult to explain complex concepts to her st...

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  • He examines adaptations in society to climate change during times of deep uncertainty

    Per Wikman Svahn undersöker risker och däribland hur vi kan anpassa samhället till de stigande havsnivåerna. (Foto: Hanna Kalla)
    Published Nov 17, 2021

    Per Wikman Svahn is a researcher at the Division of Philosophy and examines, among other things, decision-making strategies during times of deep uncertainty, philosophical aspects of worst-case scenar...

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  • KTH Professor speaker at UN COP26 side event - Earth observations to build climate resilient cities

    Published Nov 03, 2021

    Yifang Ban was one of the speakers at yesterday's UN COP26 side event about Earth Observations to build sustainable and climate resilient cities. The event brought together governments, the private se...

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  • Economics researcher: Invest more in the climate

    Electric car connected to a charging post along a city street.
    The expansion of charging points is a key part of the transition to electric vehicles. (PHOTO: GAMMA-MAN/Mostphotos)
    Published Nov 03, 2021

    Larger investments in the climate even if it means less money for other things now, but that can easily profit future generations. This is an important step along the way to meet Sweden’s climate goal...

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  • New docent among the foremost in social life-cycle assessment

    Foto: Maruf Rahman / Pixabay
    Published Oct 27, 2021

    After fifteen years as a consultant in sustainability and an academic plunge in social sustainability, it’s easy to see that Elisabeth Ekener, new Docent at the Department of Sustainable Development, ...

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  • Senseable Stockholm research delivers results for safety, transport and segregation

    A man and two women in a discussion.
    Carlo Ratti, MIT, Sigbritt Karlsson, KTH and Anna König Jerlmyr, City of Stockholm debate city development and the joint Senseable Stockholm Lab in City Hall.
    Published Oct 22, 2021

    In the space of just over two years, collaboration within the Senseable Stockholm Lab has delivered a number of research results that over time, can benefit both Stockholmers and their city. “Our col...

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