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Grön BoStad Stockholm (2016-2020)

The project has ended.

This is what we did:

Grön BoStad Stockholm has contributed to sustainable development, decreased segregation and the transfer to a low-carbon economy in the Stockholm region. Grön BoStad Stockholm worked for three years helping small and medium-sized enterprises in the housing sector of the Stockholm region with developing green technology and sustainable solutions, and improved market access. The project also funded and compiled research about housing development and promoting sustainable urban development on a regional level. 

Grön BoStad Stockholm has

  • performed independent verification of technology for companies working with window systems, lock technology, urban horticulture, particle filters, charging electric vehicles and much more.
  • created an open test bed for green solutions: Gröna Solberga, operated by IVL and Stockholmshem.
  • together with HBV Allmännyttans inköpsfunktion we have developed a flexible produrement system for solar power: SolDIS.
  • run ordering networks to develop innovation procurement of sustainable solutions.
  • created and participated in several arenas to highlight the question of sustainable urban development: Almedalsveckan, Järvaveckan, in seminar series with decision-makers in the Stockholm regionen.
  • funded and disseminated research about sustainable solutions for the housing sector.
Belongs to: School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)
Last changed: Dec 20, 2022