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KTH Security Seminar

The KTH Security Seminar aims at bringing together security and privacy researchers at KTH and the outside world to communicate about computer security. With the goal of boosting interaction and collaboration between different actors from academia and industry, we welcome presentations of research results, open challenges, surveys, ongoing work and projects.

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Upcoming Seminar

2024-01-10: Model Stealing Attacks and Defenses: Where are we now?

What is KTH Security Seminar?

The ambition is to run KTH Security Seminar every second week. We welcome speakers from academia or industry to share their work with security and privacy researchers at KTH. The format is simple and flexible: either one 60 minutes talk/session, or two 30 minutes talk/session. Though the date and time are not fixed, prefered time slot for the presentations is either late morning or early afternoon in order to allow the participants and speakers to continue discussions over lunch.

The seminar series is an excellent launch pad for doctoral students, postdocs, and faculty members to promote their research, get high quality feedback and enhance their collaboration network.

Who is the seminars for?

Feel free to get in touch with the organizers, Musard Balliu ( or Panos Papadimitratos (, to arrange a talk if you are:

  • a doctoral student, postdoc or faculty working on security and privacy
  • a security expert from the industry interested in cutting edge research
  • interested in sharing with others the current frontiers in your research area

News and notifications

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