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Degree Project Fair 2022

Every year, over 50 companies find students for their ex-jobs at the Degree Project Fair. It is one of the ways the school works actively to connect our students with industry and the public sector. Sign up today to take part in the junction between education and business!

Degree projects

KTH’s students in the ICT field end their studies with a degree project. The degree project gives the students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real world. The degree project is ten to twenty weeks and is supervised by KTH in collaboration with the involved organisation. It can be started both during the spring and fall term. The examination is managed by KTH.

Does your organisation have a problem for one of our students to solve? In order to reach our students advertise the degree project in KTH’s portal .

Degree Project Fair

Once a semester, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science organize a thesis fair where companies and research groups can present their thesis opportunities in the ICT field. Meet our sharp students who, together with you, look at old problems with new eyes.

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