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Energy Dialogue 2017

The annual Energy Dialogue took place on 24 November at KTH Library and was devoted to KTH Campus 100 years celebration. Traditionally the event hosted awards for the best master thesis in the energy field, sponsored by Vattenfall, and for the most communicative PhD poster, with prizes from Fortum Värme and KTH Energy Platform.

The sixth Energy Dialogue, organized by KTH Energy Platform, took place on 24 November at KTH Library. The topic for this year was “KTH Campus – a living lab for cutting-edge energy research” devoted to celebration the 100th anniversary of the university campus in Stockholm. The event brought together 130 participants, including KTH researchers, PhD students, representatives from industry and funding agencies to discuss the future of KTH Campus as a place for forefront energy research and a role model for sustainable urban development.

The event was opened with Welcome speech by Vice President for Research at KTH, Annika Stensson Trigell and Director of KTH Energy Platform, Olga Kordas.

Annika Stensson Trigell, Olga Kordas

The programme included two keynote lectures, one by Karel Mulder, The Hague University of Applied Sciences / Delft University of Technology, and another by KTH PhD students, Björn Eriksson, Henrik Grimler, Annika Carlson, winners of the poster competition 2016. Karel delivered a talk about a campus as an experimental facility for green innovation based on a case of The Green Village, a true living lab at TU Delft. The PhD students were giving presentation about their research on how to incorporate fuel cells at KTH Campus and propmote sustainablity.

Keynote 1 - Karel Mulder; Keynote 2 - Annika Carlson, Henrik Grimler, Björn Eriksson

The participants also listened four inspirational stories about the current projects on campus from KTH researchers, a talk about campus as a living lab for Viable Cities, by the Viable Cities Programme director Olga Kordas and a panel discussion: “Bringing the future to KTH Campus”.

Panel - Lars Nordström, Björn Palm, Lejla Cengic, Johan Tjernström

The four inspirational talks covered:

  • KTH Live-In Lab, PhD Jonas Anund Vogel
  • Undervisningshuset – Data for research and education, Prof. Folke Björk
  • Q-huset: an example of how to make existing buildings smarter, Dr. Marco Molinari
  • Rescuing food at KTH, Dr. Annika Carlsson-Kanyama
Jonas Anund Vogel, Folke Björk, Marco Molinari, Annika Carlsson-Kanyama


The event hosted competitions for the best master thesis in the energy field - Vattenfall Energy Award 2017 , with a cash prize of 40 000 SEK from Vattenfall; and for the most communicative PhD poster - Fortum Heat Best Poster Award 2017 , sponsored by Fortum Värme and KTH Energy Platform.